It is important that during this time of crisis and uncertainty, steps are taken to disinfect the most prevalent areas to prevent even further transmission. Schools and classrooms can be hotbeds for the spreading of harmful viruses. In addition to the large amount of touch points, the high volume of individuals in the building makes the risk even more significant. Each classroom has dozens of surfaces that need to be disinfected, including desks, chairs, doorknobs, pencil sharpeners, and even school supplies. Besides classrooms, nearly every other section in a normal school is at risk for contamination as well. Bathrooms, gymnasiums, hallways, libraries, and even the teacher’s lounge should be considered potential problem areas as schools begin to reopen. Luckily, the professionals at Coronavirus Cleaning are supplied with the strongest disinfectants, as well as the necessary protection from the coronavirus including respirators. During this trying time, the last thing on your mind should be exposing returning students and teachers to an easily avoidable outbreak. Let us handle the burden of ensuring a sterilized school environment when life goes back to normal.

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The process of properly disinfecting and treating surfaces potentially exposed to the COVID-19 needs to be completed with extreme precaution and the proper equipment. This is not a process which should ever be attempted by anyone other than a trained professional. Coronavirus Cleaning has developed a comprehensive strategy to ensure the clean up process addresses all potentially contaminated touch points. Our experienced, certified and professional staff are ready to help you combat this dangerous disease today.

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