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At Coronavirus Cleaning, our team of professionals is fully equipped with the necessary equipment and chemicals to make sure your home or business is safe against the Coronavirus. We have been safeguarding the public against similar threats for over 20 years.


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The Coronavirus pandemic has people struggling to protect not only themselves, but their homes and businesses, from contamination. The effects of this outbreak are significant and can last up to a week. In fact, its continued spread has led to an increasing number of deaths in the United States since the beginning of 2020. Coronavirus Cleaning is a leader in controlling infectious disease and biohazard remediation, which includes coronavirus disinfection. We deliver the highest standard of professionalism attainable and are committed to providing rapid emergency service 24/7 throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New York. Coronavirus Cleaning will ensure you have peace of mind in the event of such an outbreak.

What Does Clean Mean?

Clean Means Open for Business
Clean Means Safe
Clean Means Happy

Let us help you get back to that safe place, by keeping your living area clean.

How We Clean Coronavirus


We use an antimicrobial pesticide intended to disinfect, sanitize, reduce, or mitigate growth and development of microbiological organisms.

Our chemicals are CDC and FDA approved -- and actually kill COVID-19

Foggers disperse anti-microbial chemicals to ensure the entire facility is disinfected

Electro Static Sprayers use electricity to “cling” our killing agents to surfaces

Our technicians wipe down all surfaces AFTER the chemicals have been activated

Ozone machines kill all airborne microbiologic agents, and recirculates new air back into your home or business

Lets Reopen Together!

We’re all in this together.
We’re here to help get this country open.

Coronavirus Cleaning adheres to all OSHA regulations, and strictly follows the most current CDC guidelines when it comes to cleaning up and disinfecting. COVID-19 is still new (novel), so we regularly consult with the CDC for the most recent solutions and utilize EPA registered disinfectants.

We use industrial strength disinfectants which are EPA registered and CDC approved, ensuring effectiveness and safety
After thorough cleaning and disinfecting, all materials deemed infected will be safely disposed
Personal Protective Equipment and respirator masks are worn at all times, while trucks and tools adhere to a strict demobilization process

Our current outbreak situation is extremely serious and the health and safety of you, your loved ones, and coworkers are at stake. Don’t take any chances!

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